Used in sauces for fish and mayonnaise
It is used for seasoning pork roasts and spicy sausages, especially Florentine Salami Finocchiona
It is used to flavour breads, cakes and confectionery
Fennel seeds can be fried whole in oil and ground, or roasted and ground, or ground then roasted, to achieve different flavours


Grade Designation 99/ 1
Organic Extraneous Matter % (m/m) (Max) 1
Inorganic Extraneous Matter % (m/m) (Max) 0.2
Broken Damaged Seeds % (m/m) (Max) 1
Moisture % (m/m) (Max) 10
Immature, Shrivelled, Discoloured, Blackened Seeds % (m/m) (Max) 2
Packing 25/ 50 Kgs PP Bags/ Jute Bags
Quantity per 20' FCL 14 MT